It is, in fact, the strongest
and bravest that benefit most
from support and enhanced resilience.

Welcome to First Responder Support Services

In times of crisis, it is our first responders who mobilize to protect, rescue, and serve our local communities on the front lines. At First Responder Support Services, PLLC, (FRSS) we recognize, respect, and understand the sacrifices of our public safety personnel, and their families. Our mission is to support the first responder’s innate resilience and assist them to manage and mitigate of the impact of their service.

We provide counseling, training, and consultation to public safety personnel, exclusively. We know that it is difficult, at times torturous, to reach out and we are committed to providing you with competent, respectful, and effective services so that you may confidently call upon us for assistance.

Counseling Services

FRSS provides counseling services to police officers, firefighters, public safety communications and emergency service personnel and their immediate family members.  Counseling Services at FRSS are designed to:

  • Restore innate resilience and strength

  • Support compassion satisfaction and reduce compassion fatigue

  • Resolve critical incidents

  • Promote engagement off-duty

  • Eliminate barriers that limit confidence and well-being

Training Services

FRSS provides an array of training specifically designed and tailored to public safety personnel. FRSS training incorporates our experience and expertise working with first responders and is designed to be immediately applicable. Training topics after include:

  • Nervous system management (a.k.a. stress management)

  • Performance enhancement

  • Interpersonal communication skills

  • Responding to critical incidents

  • Resilience-based strategies to enhance wellness

  • Management skills and leadership

  • Resilience-based peer support

Consultative Services

FRSS provides consultation to peer support and critical incident response teams, as well as department administrators. We are available to the departments we serve during times of crises and assist them in addressing associated challenges. The peer support teams we assist know that they are not alone and may call upon us at any time to support their effective, safe, and confidential response. Consultative Services after include:

  • Peer support program development

  • Crisis intervention to peer support

  • Critical incident defusing and debriefing

  • Urgent consultation for administrators regarding departmental crises

Our passion is serving public safety personnel and your immediate family members. We encourage you to recognize the benefits of counseling and allow us to assist you and your family. It is wise, not weak, to reach out for assistance. Be courageous, take the step, and call us today for an appointment. We provide individual, marital, and family counseling. You can rely upon us to not only assist you personally but to provide competent care for your family as well.

We are committed to breaking down barriers and supporting the first responder’s innate resilience.

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